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Connect with Applicants, The Right Way.

RUTD matches applicants and organizations that can help them with a click of a button. Receive leads that match your organizations criteria, chat and handoff caseloads to your caseworkers in one platform.

A New Type of Connection

As a non-profit your team needs an omni-presence over your organization that Zoho and doesn't understand.
Not only do you gain a constant flow of new leads, you can manage your staff, get a deep dive into revenue sources, donations, weekly/monthly tasks and live chat with applicants so you never miss a lead.

Resource Dashboard

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Donation Dashboard

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Omni-Presence View

RUTD makes it easy for your non-profit to oversee tasks by managing case worker tasks, being notified of priority applicants, chat with new applicants in real time.

- a tailored dashboard to meet your organization's needs.
- manage integrations from third-party applications
- oversee caseworker case loads and messages
- instantly populate application templates
- a dashboard that gives you the donations given based on program and the impact delivered.
- view applicants and their priority level based on match and needs live


As a caseworker oversee applicants that have submitted their documents, progress level, criteria match percentage, and priority applicants.

Chat with applicants and share documents live with other case workers in your organization.

As an applicant

Receive the help
you deserve

The resource will reach out to you through the
app’s chat to help

A Seamless Connection From User to Resource

A sleek simple interface intuitively guides the user through building their profile, selecting resources and applying in a single click. Resources can even import their application template and update when needed for future applicants.

Resources have similar frustrations finding veterans to serve due to minimal marketing and lead generation tools, sifting through mounds of paper documents received, and carrying the burden of communicating to the veteran that they are not eligible for services. The system continuously fails both parties.

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Secure Applicant Application

RUTD is HIPPA compliant - we are powered by AWS Cloud Security. An Applicants data is safe - their information is only shared with the organizations they apply to.

Instant Pre-qualified Match

We make the process easy for an applicant to fill out their profile and become instantly matched with resources ready to serve their needs.

Chat With Caseworker

The resource interface allows them, and the user, to communicate via direct and secure chat. Together they can review uploaded documents in real time providing unmatched support while significantly decreasing the response time.